Open Heart Holistic Therapy

Emotional Polarity Technique: A Totally Different Approach in Emotional Healthcare


Welcome To Open Heart Holistic Therapy

Providing Emotional Polarity Technique: a Holistic Alternative to Traditional Talk Therapy & Medication


Have You Tried Everything?

Have you been searching for a holistic integrative approach for you body, life, and relationships? At Open Heart Holistic Therapy we use EPT to help you find the root of what is causing physical and emotional pain. Then we let it go with love, compassion, and forgiveness to make way for a happier more fulfilling life of freedom and abundance.


Location, Hours & Services

We are conveniently located in The Wellness Center in South Tampa at 3312 West Kennedy Boulevard. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday by appointment.. Click here to schedule a free consultation and appointment, or call 813-922-8768.

EPT Session Cost

  • $150 for 1 session

  • $910 for 7 sessions + 1 Bonus ($130 per session)

  • $1920 for 16 sessions + 1 Bonus ($120 per session)

  • $2640 for 24 sessions + 1 Bonus ($110 per session)


Emotional Polarity Technique is a totally different approach in emotional healthcare. Instead of relying on traditional talk therapy or Medication, EPT relies on the science of forgiveness.

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